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Wallis and Jane Winegar purchased Green Valley Ranch in June of 2004 from the Pickett Family, along with a half interest in top reining horse stallion, Lil Ruf Peppy. The Winegars have been involved with reining horses since 1998. Married for over 20 years, the couple has four children-James, Melinda, Megan, and Emily. Emily, the youngest is actively involved in the reining industry and is beginning to build a successful career.

Originally from Southern California, Wallis and Jane own Winegard Energy, Inc., a company that specializes in energy conservation and contracting with utility companies.

Since 2002, the couple have developed a working association and friendship with reining trainer, Brent Loseke. Wallis met the Texas trainer during a business trip to Dallas, where Winegard Energy had an office. Forced to stay the weekend, Wallis made a trip up through the various ranches north of Dallas, and eventually met Brent as he went from ranch to ranch.

The two quickly became good friends, and when Green Valley was put on the market, Loseke called Wallis with the news. As luck had it, Wallis had been to Green Valley Ranch for the Legacy Sale, and was an admirer of the beautiful and sprawling facility.

After attending the 2004 Green Valley dispersal sale, the Winegars inked the deal to purchase the facility. Drawn to the unique ranch because of its proximity to Dallas, not to mention the beauty of the land and impressive amenities, the Winegars decided to expand the facility into what it is today.

Green Valley Ranch © 2002 - 20010      |      Photos © Dick Walternberry, John Brasseaux, James Winegar.